Media Request

Thank you for your interest in MEMI events. PLEASE READ AND ACKNOWLEDGE THE BELOW.

Please remember this is only a request and it may not be approved. Band/artist management has final say on approvals and media policies.

All media MUST BE ON ASSIGNMENT for an official media outlet. We do not allow freelance submissions. If we have questions about your assignment, we will contact your editor.

REVIEWER TICKET: Grants entry to a journalist to write a show review. Does not grant photo access or entry to approved photo location. Can not possess professional photo equipment on venue property.

PHOTO PASS: Grants photo access and entry to approved photo location.

If your request is approved, check-in and on-site details will be sent to you the week leading up to the event date.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 5 business days from the event date.

Failure to comply with media rules instituted by MEMI, artists or event security may result in the confiscation of media credentials and privileges.

There are issues with your request